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Teen Driver Education

North Shore Driving School | Teen Driver Education Programs

If you are a teen between the age of 15½ - 18, we off the the following teen driver education programs:

Basic Teen Program

30 Hours of Classroom
6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
6 Hours of Observation

  • All of the following programs are at an additional cost.

Modified Teen Programs

30 Hours of Classroom
7 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
4 Hours of Observation

30 Hours of Classroom
8 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
2 Hours of Observation

Private Driving Teen Program

30 Hours of Classroom
9 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
0 Hours of Observation

Classes last from 3 to 7 weeks and are all state approved. Behind-the-Wheel instruction is given around your schedule. You can schedule lessons before classes, after classes or even on weekends.