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Teen Driver Education

Private Tutoring - 3-Step Permit Instruction

For individuals having a problem with the State of Wisconsin knowledge exam or want help preparing for their temporary instruction permit, we offer Private In-Home Tutoring and Study to prepare you for the State Knowledge exam.

It's Just 3 Steps

Our In-Home Private Tutoring is a 3-Step Permit Instruction Course, which is a great program for adults who need a bit of help preparing for their temps. This is how easy it is:

  1. First, we send a State licensed driving instructor to your home to study with you in private.
  2. Second, we take you directly to the DMV testing station while everything you learned is still fresh in your mind; and
  3. Third, when you pass your test, you begin your first driving session as you leave the testing station.

That's a fantastic value for just $75.00!

To get started, simply call our office at (414) 352-1661 and we will set up an appointment suited to your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO CONTRACTS to sign. You simply take as many lessons as you feel you need and can quit any time you want.

Call (414) 352-1661, or Enroll Online

To Enroll in 3-Step Tutoring, simply call (414) 352-1661 or "Click Here" to Enroll Online!